Labor export management website

Website to manage labor export for the company, support the company to operate effectively, control orders, control employees, search new orders quickly.


Employee management

  • Department
  • Information management, qualifications, degrees, salaries, sales staff
  • Login account to help employees track the work situation.
  • Managing working hours and hours of employees
  • Managing schedules for lecturers
  • Attendance staff everyday

Partner Management (source orders)

  • Partner company information
  • Manage orders of partners
    • Amount
    • Number of candidates

Candidate management

  • Labor sources by location (Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, …) by district of residence help manage the situation of regions to arrange sales staff.
  • Information, candidate profile
  • Manage status, consulting process for candidates
  • Current candidate status: exited, currently recruited, consulted, reserved … helps employees understand the current number of candidates and arrange candidates’ support plans.
  • Provide account for candidates to help candidates track courses, contract application information, order information to help candidates look up the staff’s working time

Contract management

  • Manage orders by candidates
  • Manage employee’s profile status for this order.
  • Examination status of the candidate.
  • Order status.

Technology :

  • The software is made on website, data stored on the network so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Data is backed up regularly to ensure when a problem occurs.
  • Nền tảng PHP & MySQL, framework Laravel.