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Rich features
  • Standard SEO website, features inherited from hundreds of previous products.
  • Integrating latest technologies such as cache, compression, image optimization to make the web run faster.
  • Safe and security for customers to concentrate on business.
Minimum cost

Just $15 for a complete website in data warehouse.

$100 for 300 complete websites in data warehouse.

Lifetime support
  • Lifetime support for errors, bugs.
  • Free implement, deploy supporting.
  • Advising customers on what is needed for business
Secure and fast hosting
  • Using VPS to store website instead of share hosting for more secure and performance.
  • Just $40 per year.
Support domain and hosting

You do not need to care about manage hosting and domain, we do all it for you.

Support deploy on AWS, cloud server

We support deploy and manage infrastructure on AWS, Digital Ocean, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure

Automation tool

Custom automation tool with multi platform.

Tech stack: python, java, php, nodejs, javascript, .net, RPA

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$15 for one website (Support install).
Sale all 300 websites with just $50 (Discount 80%)

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