Online testing website design

Online testing website is suitable for:
– Foreign Language Center,
– Exam preparation center,
– Schools organize tests,
– Driving Training Center,
– Medium and large enterprises to test human resource capacity

Feature list

Construction fee 250$ 750$ 1200$ 2200$ 1700$
Maintenance fee from year 2 100$ 250$ 400$ 750$ 600$
1 Embed the website on the introductory website Yes Yes
Embed the exam list page into a news/referral website
2 Home page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search bar
Exam category menu bar
Featured list
Featured article/news
3 Exam list page Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Classified by form of charge: free title without login / free need to log in / charge
Classification by exam format: free time / fixed exam schedule
Classification by class
Classification by test category
4 Exam page Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exam structure divided into sections
List of questions
Statistics of sentences done, not done
Countdown exam time
5 Page after exam is completed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Summary results
Suggest further actions: view documents, create an account, sign up for a course consultation, upgrade your account
6 Document list page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thematic division
Split by public/private
Search/ look up documents
7 Document details page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detailed display of documents in text, pdf, word, video, audio
8 News sites Yes Yes Yes Yes
List of news
News Details
9 Sign up/login page Yes Yes Yes
Sign up by email, sdt, social media account
10 Personal information management page Yes Yes Yes
Manage and correct and delete personal information
11 List of test papers page Yes Yes Yes
Show a list of test papers
Details of the test show detailed scores, correct answers, answers
12 Class exam management page Yes Yes Yes
List of class exams
13 Saved quiz pages Yes Yes Yes
List of saved exams
14 Saved document page Yes Yes Yes
List of saved documents
15 Membership plan page Yes
Show membership upgrade packages: tested upgrades, view private documents
Online payment gateway integration
16 Buy each title 360$
Select each test added to cart
Pay for purchased titles
Manage and make purchased titles
17 Affiliate functions 500$
Send code / referral link
Manage users/ referral orders
Manage referral commissions
18 Internal decentralization management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create edits, delete account levels
Create, edit, delete teacher and staff accounts
19 Manage the question library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Portfolio/knowledge unit management
Manage question lists
Manage question properties: difficulty, topic,
Up load through word file
Edit and delete questions in a library
Problem structure matrix management
20 Manage test portfolios Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create, edit, delete topics
Create, edit, delete classes
21 Exam management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create new threads from the question library through the structure matrix
Create a new title by uploading word/excel file
Create a new thread manually
Manage created threads
Print out a word file
22 Manage the test done Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
List of exams spent by category, exam class, paid exams, free
View exam details
Marking with essays
Print multiple choice exams to word file
23 Document management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document catalog management
Posting, editing and deleting documents
Classification of public documents, private documents
24 Manage news Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create, edit, delete articles
25 Basic reporting functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report the number of students enrolled over time
Report the number of account update orders over time
Report time test takers
Report average score over time
26 Configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo, Email, social media link, Hotline, Footer description, Favicon, Website name, Banner
27 GG analytics integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statistics, measurement of traffic, access sources on the website
28 Manage coupons/promotional vouchers Yes Yes Yes
Create new, edit, delete coupons
Manage the number of coupon usage
29 Manage student accounts Yes Yes Yes
Manage your account list
Manage account information
Account level management
30 Classroom Management Yes Yes Yes
Create, edit, delete classes
Assign the list of students into classes
31 Manage account upgrade plans Yes
Create, edit, delete account packages according to: time of use, list of exams, list of documents used
32 Manage account upgrade purchases Yes
Receiving account upgrade orders
Create an account upgrade order manually
33 Semi-title management 360$
Set the price per title
Manage the purchase order of each offer
34 Affiliate management 750$
Manage collaborator accounts
Manage collaborator earnings
Manage referrals
Commission Management
35 System settings Use on the Kingtest page Install your own cloud server Install your own cloud server Install on a physical server or at a Cloud server but limit the IP address to be accessed Install your own cloud server
36 Backup data Daily Daily Daily Right during the exam and after the exam is completed Daily
37 Storage space 3GB 15GB 25GB 50GB 25GB

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