China order management system

The order software provided by Vuasoft includes 4 parts:

  • Extension (often called an ordering tool).
  • Website for customers.
  • Website management.
  • Phone App

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1. Extension:

This is a tool to help users create orders, it will help to get order information from e-commerce websites and then bring product information to their management website.

Extension (order service)

Features include:

1. Translate product information into Vietnamese – When users view product information on regular e-commerce products, the extension will automatically translate product information into Vietnamese: sample photos
2. Add products to cart – Select the properties and the number of products
– Create an order to add products to the cart, the product information will be transferred to the “cart” section on the website for customers.
Extension feature

2. Website for customers:

This is a website that helps customers Manage all information about orders they have created, manage the payment process and manage other information.

website for customers

Features include:

1. Register, login account; forgot your account password. – When registering, the user needs to enter information in the form: photo
– When logging in, the user needs to enter information in the form: photo
– When forgetting the password, the system will send an authentication email and change a new password: photo
2. Account management – User can change personal information: photo
– User can change account password .
– Sign out of your account.
3. Create an order from the website – The user enters the product link he wants to buy and fills in information about the product image.
– After selecting the “create an order” command, the product information will be saved to the shopping cart item.
4. Cart – Display a list of newly added products: photos
– Manage the products in the shopping cart as follows:
+ Edit product information.
+ Remove products.
+ Switch to buy later.
+ Order.
5. Manage orders placed – Display a list of ordered orders: sample photos
– Search, filter orders by order code, order status.
– Display general information of each order: sample photo
+ Order number.
+ Order processing status.
+ Size, weight
+ Recipient information.
– Show list of products in menu.
+ Price of each product
+ Bill of lading code of the product.
+ Display other information of the product.
– Display payment schedule
– Send messages back and forth with employees of the order company.
– Display service fee schedule: sample image
– Show history of menu change update.
6. Electronic wallet management – Show history plus minus money: sample image
– Look up transaction history by time, type of transaction, transaction code …
– Create withdrawal request: customer enter information about amount to withdraw, information This will be sent back to the web admin
7. Managing complaints – After the order is completed, customers can create a complaint and send it to the web admin.
– Complaint management feature that statistics all existing complaints.
8. Create and manage a deposit form – There are 2 ways to create a deposit form
+ Create by pre-importing the exel file and then upload it to the web: photos
+ Create by filling each form on the web: photo
9. Change the language used – User can choose Vietnamese or Chinese
10 Notice when there are changes to the order – Display notification when there are changes to an order.
Website features for customers

3. Website for internal staff:

This is a feature for company directors, order department, accounting department, sale department, warehouse department. The features of this website fully satisfy order processing, cash flow management.

Website for internal employees

Features include:

No calculated energy Feature details
1. Log in – Internal employees of the company log in with the provided account provided by the Admin.
– After logging in, employees will only be able to use the feature in their respective permissions
2. Statistical – Displaying statistics of key indicators over time such as: Total number of customers; Total number of orders, Total bill … feature image
3. Order management – Display a list of orders on the system: sample photos
– Search or filter orders by criteria: name of order, order code, name of customer, … sample photo
– Edit product information: sample image
– Edit repair service fee: sample photo
– Deposit money to customer and pay for customer order: sample image
– Order status change: sample image
– Talk to customer: sample photo
– Order history: sample photo
4. Create and manage inventory – Create new warehouses in Vietnam and China: sample photos
5. Managing complaints Statistics of customer complaints
6. Invoice Management – Generate and statistics invoices: sample photos
7. Manage convenient recharges – deduct money from customers’ accounts – Create deposit or subtraction
history – Display deposit or subtraction history: sample image
8. Manage withdrawal requests – Displaying the status of the withdrawal request created by the customer: sample photo
9. Customer management – Display customer list: sample photo
– Edit, delete customer account
10. Employee account management – Create, edit, and delete employee accounts: sample photos
11. Decentralization of software usage for employee positions – Create new staff positions: sample photos
12. General configuration – Correct company contact information
– Fix exchange rates
Website features for employees

4. Phone App for customers, sales and warehouse workers.

The order software system has a phone app on both iOS and Android operating systems. App built for customers and sales to easily manage their orders; warehouse staff easily import, export and look up products.

App for managing orders

App features for customers and sales:

No Feature Feature details
1. Sign up / login – Customers can register and log in to the app
2. Order management – Show a list of all your orders: sample photos
– View detailed order status: sample photos
3. Notification – There is notification notification about voice input when the order changes: sample image
– Display new notification list.
4. Balance check – Show remaining amount in virtual wallet: sample photo
5. Multi language – Chinese or Vietnamese mode: sample photos
6. Account management – Change personal information
– Sign out
App features for customers and sales

App features for warehouse staff :

No Feature Feature details
1. Log in Log in with an account created by the admin
2. Order management – Display a list of your inventory orders.
– View order details.
– Add the parameters: weight, length and enter a fee for the order.
– Create import / export orders for orders.
3. Scan QR for import / export – Scan barcode / enter the code on the package to display the corresponding item.
– Add the parameters: weight, length and enter a fee for the order.
– Create import / export orders for orders.
4. Account management – Select language to use: Vietnamese or Chinese.
– Sign out of the app
App feature for warehouse staff

Price start from $150

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